Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to audition to be in the Modern Dance Program?

Yes. You must come to one of our auditions and be accepted by the faculty in order to participate in our program. Please see the Undergraduate category located under Programs and Courses for more information

What if I can't come to a scheduled audition?

If you are applying as an undergraduate student, please contact Satu Hummasti at or 801-581-4562, to audition by DVD or schedule an in-person audition on a day that is convenient for you and the Modern Dance Program.

Graduate students please contact Eric Handman at  or 801-587-9813 for more information.

How many people do you accept into the undergraduate (BFA) program?

We do not have a set number of people that we accept every year. Acceptance into the program is merit based and we accept who we think will do well in the program.

How do I apply for scholarships within the program?

Incoming Freshman and Transfers do not need to apply separately for scholarships. Everyone who attends our auditions is under scholarship consideration.

How many performances does the Modern Dance Program put on each year?

The Modern Dance Program produces at least 7 concerts during the course of the school year. These include Performing Dance Company - Fall, Graduate Concert, Student Concert-Fall, School of Dance Gala – Spring, Senior Concert, 1 - Spring, Senior Concert 2 - Spring, and Student Concert-Spring.

Are performances required?

The only concert that participation is required as a major is in your Senior Year for the Senior Concert and as Third Year Graduate in the Graduate Concert. All other performances are not required but encouraged and you must audition for each semester.  In order to graduate, a BFA major must accrue at least one performance credit.

Can I double major?

Yes. It may not be possible to complete both degrees in four years, but it is possible to double major. You will need academic advising to plan out how you pursue two degrees.

How long is the program?

The Modern Dance BFA program in the School of Dance is four years, Fall and Spring semester each academic year. The MFA is a three year program of study.

May I take departmental classes during the summer semester?

Typically no. The Modern Dance curriculum is scheduled for Fall and Spring of each academic year. However, Summer semester is a great time to take classes that fulfill your General Education and Major requirements.

What are housing options on campus?

On campus housing information can be found at

If I am transferring from a different university, will my credits transfer?

It depends. First and foremost the faculty must determine by your audition if you would be accepted into the program. Secondly, they will determine if you will enter our program as a freshman or a sophomore. If you are transferring from a different dance program, then your transcripts will be reviewed by the faculty to determine if your previous dance program is comparable with ours. If you are transferring from a different university but have not been involved in a dance program you most likely be accepted as a freshman in our program.

Why are the Ballet and Modern Dance Programs separate at the University of Utah? Do I have to choose one or the other?

Both the Ballet and Modern Dance DPrograms hold long-standing traditions in their respective disciplines. They were formed at different times here on campus and each uphold their own emphases and purposes. Both Programs are nationally recognized and are both housed in the Marriott Center for Dance. Incoming student must choose which program they will participate in.  However, within the School of Dance, there are increasing opportunities for students from each discipline to work together and learn from each other.

How do I schedule a time to come visit the Modern Dance Program

If you are interested in coming to visit our program arrangements can be made with our Director of Undergraduate Studies, Satu Hummasti at , 801 581-4562, or Director of Graduate Studies, Eric Handman at , 801 587-9813. We would love for you to come check out our facilities, watch classes, and meet faculty in order for you to determine if our program might suit your academic and artistic interests.

Is the Modern Dance Program Application separate from the University Application?

Yes. You must be accepted into the University of Utah in order to participate in our program. You can apply to the University of Utah at

Can I audition for the program before I've applied to the University?

Those wishing to audition for acceptance into the Modern Dance Program must have already submitted an application for undergraduate admissions to the University of Utah at least one month prior to the audition date that one plans to attend, mid December for the January audition and mid February for the March audition; one is expected to have already been accepted into the University of Utah for the August audition. Formal acceptance into the Modern Dance Program is contingent upon being accepted into the University of Utah. Early application is strongly advised because of enrollment limitations, scholarship deadlines, and financial aid deadlines. We encourage you to check with the Admissions Office for more information about the University application process and deadlines: (801) 581-7281, or For questions about University scholarship deadlines, contact Financial Aid at (801) 581-6211.