The 2021 Modern Dance Student Concert

23 February 2021 Published in News and Announcements

SC21 01

Artists have never stopped practicing their craft, even at the University of Utah, Modern Dance students contine to create concerts to show their work. In response to the University’s health and safety measures, students at the School of Dance have modified their classes and performances to be safe and still dance. The students who make up the Modern Dance Student Concert Committee are still committed to providing a space for students to show their choreographic skills and dance pieces. On March 4th, 5th, and 6th the Student Concert Committee is presenting the artistic work of students. To protect the performers and audience, the Student Concert is being live-streamed through the School of Dance’s virtual platform. Watching the virtual event is free to the public this year and can be found the University of Utah’s School of Dance website. The website has been equipped to serve the best virtual shows possible. This provides a unique situation for students to produce art, and the dance students have risen to that challenge.

This semester seven students have choreographed a wide range of dances that showcase the resilience of creative minds. While obeying safety guidelines, students managed to create gorgeous group pieces and stunning solo work. For example, Susan and Rebecca are roommates who were able to safely create a dynamic duet full of lifts and partner dancing. They even drew inspiration from the fact that they could be close and connect with each other after a long time with so little. Students this semester also supported others in the art community. Specifically many choreographers used the musical work of Michael Wall, who is a professor at the School of Dance, and creates sound specific for movement. On March 4th, at 5:30 pm you can hear these beautiful sounds and see wonderful dance. On March 5th and 6th, the show will be broadcasted at 7:30 for those who cannot make it on the 4th.

Written by the Modern Dance Student Concert Committee