Newly added for UBSI 2022: The Recovering Dancer & Somatic Track

12 May 2022 Published in News and Announcements

Newly added for 2022, The Recovering Dancer & Somatic Track: A specialized section for dancers on the path to recovering from an injury and/or interested in engaging further in somatic based approaches for dancer wellness.  Running in tandem with our established UBSI training opportunities, this new program is unique to our summer ballet intensive.  

While we always hope that dancers can remain injury free, many dancers will experience an injury of some kind over the course of their training or careers.  We are offering recovering dancers a chance to slowly come back into class getting ready for the next step in their lives, whether it be pre-professional training or professional work 

With a somatics based approach this program will focus on increasing self-awareness of individual movement patterns, providing support for targeted or prescribed conditioning, and cultivating a mind-body connection that can potentially create more nuance and ease in movement.  The overall intent is to allow dancers to make more choices about movement, deepen their understanding of their own bodies, and learn how their whole selves can support them within the injury recovery process or injury prevention. 

Dancers will be able to work in small groups or one-on-one with highly experienced movement educators devoted to dancer wellness.  Class size is limited for this specialized Recovering Dancer & Somatic Track to allow for a more individualized experience.  These sessions may incorporate the following practices: Alexander Technique, Developmental Movement, Laban/Bartenieff, Yoga, Pilates, dance science based conditioning, myofascial release techniques, and mindfulness practices. 

There are multiple options for this track depending on the stage of injury recovery and/or personal interest.   

For more information and registration information, please visit our UBSI page or contact Assistant Professor Christine McMillan