Undergraduate Admission & Auditions

Undergraduate Admission & Auditions Photo by Nathan Sweet

Formal acceptance into the Modern Dance program (including incoming freshman majors, minors, and transfer students) is contingent upon being accepted into the University of Utah. University applications must be submitted by November 1 in order to be considered for all University wide scholarships and financial aid (for questions, contact Financial Aid at (801) 581-6211). We encourage you to check with the Admissions Office for more information about the University application process and deadlines. Call (801) 581-7281, or click here.

Apply & Audition

Apply to Audition
Pay the Application Fee
Apply for Scholarships

To apply for admission to the Modern Dance Program, please complete the Modern Dance Program’s Application for Admissions Form. Within the application, you’ll be asked which audition you’ll be attending. 

Pay a $50.00 non-refundable processing fee (required for each auditionee). 

We ask that you pre-register to audition. If space available, walk-ins are accepted with an additional $10 late fee.

If paying with a check, please make it out to: 
The University of Utah School of Dance
Please send hard copy applications and checks to: 
Attention - Glenda Staples
The University of Utah Modern Dance Program
330 South 1500 East, Rm 106
Salt Lake City, UT 84112

*An automatic confirmation will be sent when you have completed your Modern Dance Program’s Application for Admissions Form and the Registration Fee. 

SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS: To apply for 2020-2021 School of Dance Scholarships for incoming and returning students, you must complete an online application: https://utah.academicworks.com/
DEADLINE: February 21, 2020. No applications will be considered after this date. 

Audition Dates for School Year 2020-2021

Look for our audition dates coming in November and February. Details coming soon.

Please email Brent Schneider, Recruitment Director for the Modern program with any questions you may have: 
Thank you for your interest in our programs!

Faculty Advisors in Modern Dance

Brent Schneider – Director of Recruitment – coordinates undergraduate auditions and High School Workshop

(801) 587-9804

Satu Hummasti – Director of Undergraduate Studies – advises current undergraduate students
Associate Professor

(801) 581-4562 

 Contact a CFA Academic Advisor at