Student Requests

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Student Requests are to be made by using the form below:
Student Request Form

Policies effective SPRING SEMESTER 2019

Approvals for student absences are given for documented illness or injuries, dance related absences such as workshops / auditions and for death or funerals of immediate family members or other emergencies.

Instructions: Fill out the request form and attach the required documentation.This form must be submitted 2 weeks prior to any known or planned absence or 1 week after an unplanned absence. You will receive an email response to your request within 2 to 3 weeks following your submission. If your request has been approved, you are required to show it to your teachers so that the attendance adjustments can be made.    

PLEASE NOTE: The student request committee will carefully consider your reasons for being absent.  However, don’t just expect that you will receive an “approval.” Save your “allotted absences / free absences” for when you will need them.  It should be noted that the total number of accumulative absences allowed via a student request cannot exceed the number of unexcused absences for that class as specified in each syllabus, e.g. if one is allotted 3 absences, then 3 additional absences may be granted via student requests.  Exceptions to this policy must be discussed with your PROGRAM HEAD or be accommodated by receiving reduced credit for technique classes with the approval of your PROGRAM HEAD. (Some leeway MAY be granted for additional absences due to professional work / senior auditions in the dance field.  This is decided by the faculty on a case-by-case basis.)

Any request for ALTERNATIVE TECHNIQUE or TECHNIQUE LEVEL ADJUSTMENT because of a course conflict should be directed to ROB WOOD.

Students MUST read and follow these policies/procedures carefully in order for their request to be considered.

  1. If you have a very large number of total absences in technique class (because of illness, injury, or some other extenuating circumstance), and after consulting with your teacher and your PROGRAM HEAD, you may need to consider “reduced credit”.  Consult with your advisor about “reduced credit”.  The student request committee does not make the final decision regarding a request for “reduced credit”. That is within the purvue of your PROGRAM HEAD.
  2. In every class, regardless of your total absences, students are required to fulfill course requirements and execute quality work. 
  3. If you know that you will be absent because of an upcoming event, such as an audition or workshop, it is requiredthat you will make a request andreceive approval for the absence beforeyou leave; noexception.You need to provide atleast one example of documentationto receive an “approval”. 
    A)You may need to provide information that willdocument the quality/rigor of the program/company so that we can determine if it is an appropriate replacement for your normal classes. This could include a web link or a scan of a workshop flier.
    B) You must make a copy of your airline ticket or othercorrespondence that documents your attendance on the scheduled dates.  If you decide to attend at the last minute, do not bother to make a request, it will bedenied.  Use one of your “allotted absences” for this.  Remember that documentation must be attached to the request to receive approval.
  4. Any “Happening” that represents an absence should have its own request. Do not lump several together into one request.
  5. If your absence occurs during the last week of the semester, you need to submit your request immediately upon your return. The faculty will make every effort to facilitate the “last minute” nature of your request.  The deadlines for submitting All requests are either 12 Noon on THURSDAY, DECEMBER 5th for the FALL 2019 SEMESTER and 12 Noon on TUESDAY, APRIL 21st for the SPRING 2020 SEMESTER.  These deadlines will be followed unless there is a last minute emergency.

Any request for ALTERNATIVE TECHNIQUE or TECHNIQUE LEVEL ADJUSTMENT because of a course conflict should be directed to ROB WOOD.

If you have any questions contact me personally or email me at .

Rob Wood
Chair, Student Request Committee

Faculty guidelines when granting additional absences over and above the normal student policy. These decisions are always made on a case-by-case basis with a faculty vote in either the ballet or modern dance faculty meetings.

  1. The student policy states that students have one week of allotted absences (free absences) as prescribed by each course syllabus.


  1. One additional week will be granted with approved documentation for various reasons as stated in the student policy.When a student requires additional absences, generally, reduced credit in technique is required and other classes may require some sort of graded response.


  1. Some consideration is granted for up to one more additional week of absences for professional work in the dance field. (This could total to up to 3 weeks of absences when one considers one week of allotted absences provided to the student with 2 additional weeks that have been approved.)This additional week for professional work is granted by the faculty with a faculty vote on a case-by-case basis.  Faculty should probably consider the prestige of the professional contract when deciding on the amount of absences that will be approved. The student will still need to complete all required assignments and quality work as prescribed by each course instructor.  It is expected that the student will be forthcoming in their communication in every way.  They should express a desire to complete all work to the satisfaction of the instructor and the faculty at large.  Their final grade should be a reflection of their work.  An “approval” of the request must be granted before the student can proceed with this work opportunity and have any expectation to have their absences excused.

During a student’s Senior and final year in the Ballet or Modern Dance programs, students are allowed and encouraged to audition for professional work and contracts.  It would be assumed that the policies stated in #3 would also pertain to this situation.  

As in every case, documentation is required to complete the student request process.

Use the Leave of Absence Form for long-term absences of 1 or more semesters:
Leave of Absence Request Form