Conrad Ludlow

Professor Emeritus

Conrad Ludlow had an illustrious twenty-year career as a principal dancer with both San Francisco Ballet and New York City Ballet, where he was especially known for his skill in partnering. He established exciting partnerships with such well-known ballerinas as Violette Verdy, Melissa Hayden, Maria Tallchief, Allegra Kent, Suzanne Farrell, and Patricia McBride. Now a professor, Mr. Ludlow joined the University of Utah Ballet Department (Salt Lake City) in 1985 as resident choreographer, afterfounding and directing Ballet Oklahoma. During his tenure as a professor, he frequently acteds as artistic director for Utah Ballet and Ballet Ensemble productions. Conrad retired in 2010 but has continued to participate, co-teaching the advanced ballet for non-majors (attended by retired Ballet West dancers) and co-teaching a graduate seminar.

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