Constance Anderson

MFA Candidate

Constance Anderson is a choreographer and artist originally from Denver, CO. She received her BA in Dance from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point and a Philosophy minor. Anderson presented work that tied choreography and her philosophical interests surrounding space and environment at the university system symposium, student productions, and the regional ACDA conference while in undergraduate school. Professionally, she performed with the Li Chiao-Ping Dance Company, both nationally and internationally, for five years. She founded her company, Sock Opera Dance, in 2019 to continue to experiment with movement and choreograph professionally. Often, her dancers perform in a found space to demonstrate the value of immersion in communication. In the central Wisconsin community, she formed an artist’s collective, vying for all artists to have space for their work. Anderson created a platform to publish works of art of almost any form in the most conducive spaces for the artist’s ideas. Since graduation, she has returned to the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point to choreograph Mary Zimmerman’s “Metamorphoses” and Adam Szymkowicz’s ‘Clown Bar” with the Theatre Department, in addition to guest lecturing and adjudicating for the student choreography concert for the Dance Department. The University of Wisconsin-Madison invited her to both perform and set Li Chiao-Ping Dance repertory on current students, as well as present Sock Opera Dance repertory at the summer SEED festival and Pre-Collegiate Recruitment Intensive.

Constance is currently an MFA candidate and Graduate Teaching Assistant in the Modern Dance program at the University of Utah.

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