Rob Wood

Professor Lecturer

Phone: 801-581-8231

Rob Wood graduated with a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Performance from Brigham Young University. At that time he was also class and rehearsal pianist with Ballet West in Salt Lake City where he accompanied many teachers, including Bruce Marks, Toni Landers, Willam Christensen, Denise Schultze, and Louis Godfrey. In 1991 he began working as music director and accompanist for the Aspen Ballet Company & School, the predecessor of Aspen Santa Fe Ballet. He has spent his summers as pianist and lecturer for a variety of workshops in the Inter-Mountain West including Dance Aspen, Vail International Summer of Dance, Ballet West Academy, Nevada Festival Ballet Summer Workshop and the University of Utah Summer Ballet Intensive. During the many workshops, Rob has accompanied many international teachers including; Peter Boal, Susan Jaffe, Hillary Cartwright, David Howard, Jillana, Gilbert Meyer, Toni Pimble, Alonso King, Violette Verdy, Edward Villella, Gretchen Ward Warren, Patricia Wilde, Patricia Neary, Darla Hoover, Suki Shorer, Laura Alonso, Yoko Ichino, Mark Goldweber, Susan Jaffe, and Adam Sklute; to mention only a few. Rob has performed live on stage accompanying a performance of the Pas de Deux from George Balanchine's "Harliquinade" with Ethan Stiefel and Miranda Weese of the New York City Ballet at the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater in Vail, Colorado. Rob has recorded two CD's under the direction of David Howard which were produced and are being marketed by Roper Records in New York City. A new ballet CD is currently in the works in collaboration with BYU Professor, Shayla Bott.
Rob is a Professor, Lecturer in the School of Dance at the University of Utah, where he has been a faculty member and Director of Music in the Ballet Program for the last twenty-one years. His duties include hiring, training, and supervising all ballet pianists in the extensive studio program. Rob also teaches BALLE 1500, Elements of Music which is a course that emphasizes music as it applies to the ballet studio classes, choreography and performance. Rob has recently designed a new course, BALLE 2500, for up and coming ballet teachers. Music for the Ballet Class was designed for the ballet methodology and pedagogy students and leads to a ballet teaching certificate in the program. These courses are required classes to graduate with Ballet Degrees in Performance, Teaching, and Choreography. In the Modern Dance Program, Rob co-teachers DANC 1640, Elements of Music, along with faculty member Mike Wall. Rob also co-directs the Graduate Show, which is the third-year graduate thesis concert. He has also co-directed with Professor Sharee Lane, Performing Dance Company in its collaboration with the School of Music. Elaine Kudo’s staging of Twyla Tharp’s “Sweet Fields” was at the center of this collaboration.
Rob is also musical director and principal pianist for the Utah Regional Ballet and regular Guest Class Pianist with Ballet West. Rob has lectured on the subject of "Musicality in the Ballet Class for Teachers and Directors" at numerous Regional Dance America (RDA) festivals as well as at Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet’s Teacher Seminar. During 2006 alone, Rob was pianist at three Regional Festivals of RDA include the Pacific, Mid-States and Northeast Regions. From 2004 through 2013 Rob served as Music Director of RDA’s National Choreography Intensive eight different seasons working closely with Directors of Choreography Alan Hineline, Kathryn Posin, Janis Brenner and Nelly Van Bommel. In March of 2010, 2011 and 2012, Rob was found in Berlin, Germany accompanying classes and teaching in music classes at the Berlin Statts Ballet Schule. Rob is a member of CORPS de Ballet International, Inc. and the International Guild of Musicians in Dance.
Rob is sought after nationally as a ballet accompanist because of his energetic approach to providing live piano music representing a vast repertoire of various styles, including classical, jazz, and popular melodies. Because of his intrinsic kinesthetic awareness, he is known for always providing inspirational music that is closely tied to the technical demands of the teachers and dancers. His music always reflects the nuanced energy of the ballet vocabulary. Besides his work as a ballet pianist, university professor and lecturer, Rob served eight years as a tenor in the world renowned Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Rob is married to the former Ballet West dancer Susan Sattler. Their family includes five children and eight grandchildren.