We recognize that the arts are a vital part of our connection to one another, and we need connection now more than ever. So, we, in the School of Dance, have made the decision to provide free access to any patron who would like to be moved by our movement this year.

No cost. Just click.

For those who would like to help us make our art available to more, or who would like to support the work of our talented faculty, staff and students, we welcome your financial contributions. 

But for now and while we can, we’re letting the art be free.



The seniors in the Modern Program within the University of Utah’s School of Dance are presenting their final concert series, Introspection.  This series is composed of two live-streamed concerts, available for free through the School of Dance. Both weekends of the concert will involve the presenting of a dance film directed by New York-based guest artist Shannon Gillen. The first concert will premiere new works by Lauren Morrison, Ashlyn McBride, Celine David, Abigail Raasch, Laura Baumeister, Talia Dixon, and Kimberly Orozco. The second concert will present new works by Sarah Oh, Sofia Sant'Anna-Skites, Becca Webb, Georgia Patterson, Tori Meyer, Sunny Swazey, and Annika Zeuberbuehler.

These choreographers come from a variety of backgrounds and locations. Many of those currently located in the Salt Lake Valley will be presenting solo or group pieces designed for stage and then professionally live streamed for all. Those students located around the country will be presenting first premieres of their screen dances. The concert’s title, Introspection, is a reflection on the ways in which prolonged isolation from peers and collaborators has been both a challenge and inspiration for the students’ work.   

For many graduating seniors, this year did not exactly go as planned. Entering freshman year at university, these students had planned on a final live performance where energy is radiated, and community could bring power. Although there is not an in-person experience for any of these final moments, there is hope you will join virtually. The focus is to effectively communicate our thoughts, research, aesthetics, and passions with you through art and the power of movement.

Art will be shared in effort to create a collaborative community whether it be virtually or in the theater. The works all share a common theme that reflects the adaptable nature with which the students approached their creative processes in this unique year.  As one of the School of Dance professors once shared, “we are trained in embodied adaptation”. 

These artists have created a way to share their passion with you in an accessible way. They hope you will join them for both of the free live-streams of the concerts. The first concert will be March 25th @ 5:30pm, March 26th @ 7:30pm, and March 27th @ 7:30pm. The second concert will be April 8th @ 5:30pm, April 9th @ 7:30pm, and April 10th @ 7:30pm. 

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